If you’re like most people, the fact that it’s not my first rodeo comes with a big sigh of relief. I went to bat on behalf of these amazing people and their businesses. Now, they’re going to bat for me. How’s that for karma in action?

Big picture. Tenacious. Supportive. The time I spent with Scott Silverman proved invaluable on every level and was an investment that continues to bear fruit.

– Florence Haridan, Former VP – User Experience, Citibank NA

Scott is devoted to writing in a way not all writers are.

– Larry Greenfield, Creative Director, JWTEC

Scott showed us how to build our values into the brand and taught us how the brand seeds the sale.

– Wm. Parrish, Owner, Sympo, Inc.

Your digital ads and the infographics resulted in 12x lead generation!

– Jennie Lee, Marketing Operations Manager, Perceptics, LLC

His creativity is only exceeded by his ability to understand his clients. Captured my essence!

– Tom Nevermann, President, OrgoDomo

A 488% increase in response to our print campaign. It’s like he’s got an entire agency living in his head!

– Stephanie Corwin, Marketing Manager, TPC/PGA Golfcourses

Not only is Scott brilliant, but his perspective is unique and on point…. you will not go wrong with Articulated Brands.

– Tom Bagamane, Global Brand Builder/Product Developer, Philanthropist

Does exactly what he says he’s going to do. Listens intently. His words gave me shivers.

– Michael Kalish, Fine Artist

Scott immediately immersed himself into our team and culture, listening, synthesizing and pushing us past the ordinary. He is a rare combination of systems-thinking, brand insight and maximum messaging creativity. From brand positioning to final copy and all points in-between, He is a truly talented visionary and a wonderful collaborator who sincerely wants everybody around him to go after and get what they want!

– Jacqui Gray, Marketing Director, TMGA

Scott’s strategic approach to branding goes beyond finding a great name and tagline to identifying the core of your differentiated value props and effectively telling your story. Scott is amazingly creative and highly intuitive about customer wants and needs. He enabled us as a small company to develop an enterprise-class brand quickly and within our budget.

– Ralph Risch, CMO, EdCaliber

Brand strategies often exist in the abstract. On the creative side, it takes someone who can execute with precision. Few on the agency side can do this. Fewer still can sync up brand development with bottom-line business realities. That’s why I like Scott.

– Tom Asacker, Brand Speaker, Author, A Clear Eye for Branding, The Business of Belief, etc.

What do they say? “Team up with people that are smarter than you?” That’s Scott. Always making me look good… and always making me laugh! Scott has been my go-to brand strategist for the past few years. Rare in the industry to work with someone who can look at the big picture as well as the details required for overall business success. Don’t miss the opportunity to work with Scott; he’s a rare combination of analytical and creative firepower!

– Kristin Moore, Creative Director, Hershey Cause Communications

Excellent service and responsiveness. Scott helped us with a tough assignment involving board and business partners and delivered a most helpful product on time and on budget. Would recommend Scott for branding and messaging for new ventures, existing businesses and non-profit organizations. If you are interacting with the public, you need to know your brand.

– Bob Reid, CEO, Tejon Ranch Conservancy

Incredibly valuable. Having now helped me better define and articulate the core messages in three different organizations, I can honestly say nobody brings as much business development / creative communications value to your table as Silverman & Articulated Brands.

– Adam Nelson, Vice President & General Manager of Operations, Umbra Cuscinetti

Scott Silverman is one of the best writers and brand consultants I have worked with. He’s obsessed with getting the strategy right and making sure the creative is on target. What I love most about working with Scott is his diversity of solutions, his sense of humor and his ability to tackle the most difficult creative problems. I highly recommend Scott Silverman. He has never let me down and I am sure he will never let you down.

– Jeffrey Harrington, Design Director, Harrington Design Company

Scott has a great personality and is a pleasure to work with. I strongly recommend you use his services from the get-go because the development and introduction of a brand to the market is a true challenge. Scott’s Articulated Brands quickly understood very well our business goals and constraints. From research to market analysis, strategic positioning and expert business naming consulting, Scott helped us draw a clear path.

– Shlomi Cohen, General Manager, Shine Candles

Scott is a true word wizard; when you need ingenious messages to fly over the page, he delivers.

– Liz Goodgold, CEO, The Nuancing Group, Author, DUH! Marketing

Scott outperformed on every possible metric when we asked him to help us with the naming and branding for our new product launch. Not only did he find us so many killer product names (and domain names) that we had trouble choosing, but he intuitively understood the personality dynamics of our team and was able to adapt his recommendations and communications to meet the “softer” needs of getting everyone on board.  For anyone that’s concerned about Articulated Brands’ pricing, I’ve worked with other agencies that charged 10 times as much for inferior creativity.  Hire Scott and don’t look back. You will not regret it.

– Tim Filmore, Partner, Parfecta

Truth is, if I had 100 of the world’s so-called marketing experts in a room, I’d probably shoot them all. But if the question is, might I come to regret not having first given Scott Silverman his Kevlar vest, the answer is yes, most definitely. Oh, well. Live and learn, that’s what I always say.

– Todd Bauer, Vice President, Guardian Group, Inc.